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Ashley is a 1 year old female domestic shorthair. She is a little on the shy side & tends to hide until she knows she is going to get attention. She is litterbox trained but tends to be a little messy so a covered litterbox is recommended. Microchipped.


 Erath County Humane Society.



Henry is a 2 year old male German Shepherd mix. He is a little shy when he first meets you but will warm up. He is very loud & intimidating when in his kennel here at the shelter. When he gets out, he is a different dog. He is great on a leash. He is very food motivated & knows sit, lay down, & shake. He hasn’t been formally dog tested but hasn’t shown any dog aggression outside his kennel. He does awesome walking in the park. Will go after squirrels. Loud so probably not a good apartment dog. He is not so sure about getting in cars. He is neutered, fully vaccinated, & microchipped.

 Erath County Humane Society